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Here's what I'm all about..

Hey friend – thanks for stopping by! I’m Pat Batchelor, a Civil  Engineer, Recruiter, and a Job Search Coach from Atlanta, Georgia.

You might know me as the founder of DIY Engineering Job Search. One of the few sites that is tailored for Engineers to help you take the next Step in your Career.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • I haven’t had an interview in a Month, Am I no Good?
  • Am I a Loser? I don’t think I am, but sometimes I sure feel like one.”
  • "I'm busy enough as it is with work/school/family. Do I really have time to hustle to find a job like everyone says?"
  • “How can I build and grow a Professional Network that will open doors and Interviews with the Right People?”
  • “Where do I even start My Job Search that is geared toward my Career?

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether your Unemployed and STUCK AT HOME, or are looking to take the Next Step in your Career, I can help you.



A Recession or a Depression?

There is a Joke that goes, “What is the difference between a Recession and a Depression?”

A Recession is when your Friends get laid off, a Depression is when YOU get Laid Off!”

After 20 years of working as a Civil Engineer, the Recession of 2007-2010 hit the Atlanta market hard. At one point, about half of the Engineers in the Atlanta area had been laid off.

I still had my job as an Engineer, but a lot of my friends and associates had been laid off. It was definitely a Big Recession!

One day I got a Call from a Friend and she asked, “Hey Pat, would you come to the Engineering Roundtable meeting this week before our regular ASCE meeting?”  

“Sure”, I replied, “but what is the Engineering Roundtable? I have never heard of it?”  

She said, “It’s Code for Unemployed.”


I went to the meeting, and over the next few months the group grew from about 8 engineers to almost 40 Unemployed & Really talented Engineers. 

My heart went out to these folks, Kids right out of University, Mid- Level Engineers & even a few past retirement, all nervous, and anxiously looking for work!

Finally one day my friend said, “Pat, you seem to have this figured out,  “Would you teach us how to Find a Job?”


That’s when I started helping Engineers Find Jobs!

In 2012, I moved out of engineering and started working as an Engineering Recruiter, and in 2013, I started my Own Recruiting Company, Engineering Search partners.


I loved the work and it is very rewarding, helping Great Engineering Companies locate and recruit Top Notch Engineers.

However, one thing that I noticed always bothered me,  Of the thousands of Job Applications & Resume’s I reviewed, I was only able to place less than 1% percent of the engineers to jobs!  Less than 1Percent !!   Ahhhh!!


Then the Covid Shutdown Happened!  

Then the Covid Shutdown happened and many companies, slowed or stopped hiring!

So, I Knew that the timing was Right to start DIY Engineering Job Search!

Several of my friends, a couple of  my kids and many engineers were Stuck at Home Applying for jobs and Completely Frustrated!



In fact, I want to help you right now!

Head over to the Homepage and sign up for Coaching or the DIY Workshop and let's get started!



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