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Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important that the outcome.

Arthur Ashe

Client Testimonials

Here we celebrate the growth process of the job search and the lessons learned along the way!

Kagho Asongu, E.I.T.

Water/Wastewater Engineer

I attribute much of my success in acquiring this job opportunity to your guidance and expertise in seeking out recruiters and making them aware of my skills and experience.

It totally shifted my job search process completely. Within 3 weeks of attending your Video Coaching Call, I was able to choose between two job offers from very reputable companies here in the Atlanta area and excited for the new direction my career is headed. 

Thank you again for helping me pivot my career! I will certainly like to keep in touch!

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Ken Allen

Father of a College Grad

I took the DIY Engineering Job Search Course in May 2020 with my son (a new grad during COVID pandemic). 

Pat really Brought a lot of Creative Ideas on How to Get Noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters and methods to get in contact with decision makers.

My son did get a job during this course - I told him he was the only one I knew that started this path and got recruited as the economy was shutdown.

I enjoyed the Workshop - Pat has a lot of experience and knowledge to share. I would recommend it to any Engineer who feels Stuck in their Job Search!

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Kimberly Kim

 Water Resources Engineer

I called Pat for career coaching advice and I'll admit it, I was discouraged in my job search. 

Pat helped me with my mindset and he gave me the confidence and job search tips that made all the difference! 

I went from having no interviews in 6 months to 4 offers in one month AND I landed a terrific job! SO EXCITING!!

Thanks Pat for your help, you are the real deal!

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How we are doing so far....


117 Clients  = $8,129,979 Annual Salaries! 

This represents the total annual salaries that our clients have obtained both through our Coaching and Recruiting Services! 


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Ajinkya (AJ) Deshpande, P.E.

Connection Design Engineer

I took the DIY Engineering Job Search Course in May 2020. Pat really brought a lot of great ideas and helped me in getting noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters. He ensured that everyone was involved in the workshop and everyone benefited from it, by tailoring the experience uniquely for everyone. I had a great time doing the workshop and would recommend it to any engineer who may be stuck in their job search!

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Farhoud (Dan) Kabirian 

Materials Scientist

Getting noticed is absolutely the biggest challenge in the job search process. I had gone through this process in the past and suffered a lot. When I started doing it again this time during the COVID era, the past worries and fears dawned on me on a much bigger scale until Pat was introduced to me by a colleague.  I took the workshop and he truly brought many creative ideas and tricks to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

I spent a month applying for over 400 jobs On-line and never got a call.  Using Pat's techniques I landed 4 interviews resulting in 2 job offers in a month!

I didn't think my LinkedIn Profile was that important until I had my Interview and they spent most of the interview talking about one photo from my Background Banner!

Thanks Pat. DIY made all the difference!

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Ryan Coggins, P.E. 

Senior Geotechnical Engineer 

Pat is one of the few recruiters I've known professionally and personally in the industry that I trust. He has a desire to not only help connect candidates with great companies, but he also goes the extra mile to educate candidates about hiring processes. I often refer candidates to Pat for assistance.

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