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Top Five Job Search Habits!

Apr 12, 2021

 When you are Unemployed, a Job Search is the Hardest Job you will ever have!

Why is it so Hard?

  • You may have lost your Mojo or Confidence.  We all suffer from "Imposter Syndrome" when looking for a job. It is so easy to get stuck emotionally, to start calling yourself bad names and believing the worst about yourself.


  • You may not have a Plan or Direction to your job search.  Most Engineers are 1000 times better at being an engineer and solving tough problems, but have never been trained in the fine art of Networking or developing New Relationships.


  • You may not have a Good Schedule: Without a job, You don't have an "Engine to your Day" because no one is expecting you at a particular time or place.


  • You may not have an Office:  Without the right environment, it is hard to Focus on your job search. It is very easy to become a "Couch Potato" and get easily distracted and not Focus on your Networking and Interviewing.


  • You don't have a Job Search Coach or at least a Cheerleader that can provide the perspective of the job search challenge, a Plan to conquer the challenge, and the Encouragement to Follow through.

Here are my Top Five Habits that Everyone Needs when looking for a Job

  1. Make a Commitment to Find a Job - No matter how long it takes or how uncomfortable it may be for you.  It is almost certain that you are going to be way outside your Comfort Zone at some point in your search. And this Commitment will help provide you the Courage to stick with your job search until you master the Skills of Networking and Interviewing.
  2. Go to Work, Everyday!  Setting a Schedule for your job search is a crucial habit! If your job is Monday -Friday from 8-5, then you should be working at your job search for the same schedule.  Get up early, get dressed and leave the house and Go to your Job Search Job.
  3. Find an Office to Focus on your Search. A coffeeshop or restaurant is a great place to go to work on your job search.  Buy yourself a $5 cup of coffee and set up your laptop and phone and start Networking!
  4. Manage your Brand.  Update your Resume and make is as sharp as possible.  Then spend at least 10 hours updating your Linkedin Profile! Make it interesting, Professional and Attractive!  Your Linkedin Profile is 1,000 times more important to your career than your Resume....MAKLE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE AWESOME!
  5. Invest in a Job Search Coach! We often fail at the edges of our experience and we need a Coach or at least a Cheerleader when you are trying something new. Job Searching is so far outside most people's comfort one that is SCARY! A great job search coach will provide you will a simple plan with daily action steps,  consistent encouragement & some accountability.

If you develop and follow these habits you will minimize the pain of unemployment and KNOW that you are making progress in your Job Search!

Happy Job Searching!!


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