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What Happens "Behind the Scenes" when you apply for a job online?

Sep 05, 2023

Have you ever wondered why when you Apply for a Job online on a site like, LinkedIn, or or a Company website and NO ONE EVER call you back? 

In this Post, we will show you the "Behind the Scenes" of what happens when you apply for a job on  AND why it is so hard to get Noticed! 

The Bottom line: It is Really Hard to Get your Resume and Application SEEN by the Hiring Manager: The Person who has the Power to say YES!  “Yes! I like this candidate. He may not be perfect for the role, but we can figure it out!”  Actually 90% of Applications NEVER ARE SEEN MY THE HIRING MANAGER!

Yes the Challenges of getting noticed are HUGE!  

That's why the DIY Program exists!  

Get Noticed, Get Interviewed and Get the JOB!!

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