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Batchelor Rule for Having Lots of Friends

Oct 13, 2020

I have come to believe that Friends are the Spice of Life!   

You can go through life just getting by with meat, potatoes & a few veggies, but why not add spices and culinary talent to your diet!  It is so MUCH more FUN to eat Amazing Food!!

It is not just the things we accomplish that are Great Rewards in Life, but it is the Friendships and good times we experience along the way that provide a Fun, Fruitful & Rewarding Life.

SO here is my Batchelor Rule for Having Lots of Friends

1- Be a Friend - Consistently look how you can Add Value, Encouragement & Love to the folks that you call a Friend.

2- Initiate 100% of the time!  If you wait to have folks call you to go out and grab coffee, or go to the ball park and watch a game or grab a meal, then you will only have a few Friends. If you want to initiate 50% of the time and want to wait till they initiate with you.... you will still only have a few friends...  But if you are willing to take ownership of initiating 100% of the time in your friendships, you will have a ton of folks that you can call Friends.  And you will always have a good list of folks to call when you go to the Ballpark!!


What does this have to do with Finding a Job?  

When you are Calling Recruiters or Hiring Managers at the companies that you would like to work for, Just use this attitude:

I may be meeting my new Best Friend on this call, so I want to be:

  • Present - Focused on this Conversation
  • Cheerful, Friendly  & Approachable
  • Genuine & Transparent

This attitude will help you Focus on THEM and Their Needs as a company and as a manager, Not MY NEED for a Job!   

This is a Great Attitude to have when Searching for a Job!!

Caveat - I have some people in my life that question my use of the term "friend" and that they say you can't have a dozen really close friends because we all have a limitation of available time and emotional energy to adequately invest in deep quality friendship.  While I agree that this is true, I also believe that some perhaps many deep true friendships are either short-lived or sporadic in nature..... particularly in this age of mobility and easy of moving from town to town or continent to continent.   

There is a saying that Friendships may be for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime!  I agree, and since we don't know how long a friendship or a relationship will last, then be intentional today.... Call or text a!




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