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Connecting with Groups on Linkedin

Jun 29, 2021

Developing your Professional network means that you are being Intentional in Starting a Relationship that may last the Rest of your Career!!

Who do you connect with:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Professors
  • Old bosses : Ask them for a Referral if you know they would give you a strong recommendation.
  • College friends – particularly those that are in the same major
  • Folks that “look like you”  (People tend to connect with folks with similar backgrounds)
  • Attended the Same University
  • Live in the area that you are looking to work
  • That are in your Profession
  • People that work at the Target Companies in your Market.
  • Folks that are in similar professional LinkedIn Groups.
  • For Foreign nationals in the US: Connect with People who are from your country or home town or attending your undergraduate university


Finally, Check out the Groups Section of LinkedIn.

This can be a great place to identify folks that have the same interests, or profession as you.


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