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Desperate Times Requires Desperate Measures

Apr 20, 2021

As a Recruiter, When I talk with folks who are looking for a new job, I often ask them, "on a Scale of 1-10 how desperate are you to find a job in order to pay bills?"

10= I need a job in the next week because I need to pay rent in two weeks.

5= I have a few months savings to pay bills, so I have time to look for the "right Job" before I will start getting nervous.

1= I've got plenty of money,  don't need to work , I just want to work for fun.

If you are at a 10, and need work this week.  Here are my top 5 Suggestions to find work fast!


1- Take a minimum wage job in order to "pay the bills" until you can land your "Career job."  It is easier to drive a moving ship that to be dead still in the water. 


2- Volunteer to work for "free" at an engineering company.  If you are not earning a paycheck and if you are early in your career, consider working for Free at an engineering company. 

At least you are gaining valuable experience, and in reality to are having an "extended interview".   It is possible, that after a week or month or so enough people like you that a full time job make come open just because you are available.


3.-Go work for a Staffing Agency.   Many staffing agencies are scouring the area looking for temp help or other qualified individuals.  Many times you can interview today, and start work tomorrow.  The role may or may not take advantage of your engineering education but you can get back to work asap, and then you can focus your job search on your "career job" will earning an income.


4- Offer to work on a 1099 Basis.  Many companies will consider hiring folks on a 1099 basis until they can see the need for a full time role. The 1099 job is often easier for a hiring manager to justify and it the job is a good match for you then there is an opportunity that it will convert to a Full Time Job in a few months.


5- All work is Noble and honorable.  People often think that a minimum wage job is not valuable or important, and may be "beneath them." As long as the work that you do is legal and of benefit to others then it is a Noble Endeavor, worthy of your best efforts!  Do not let the size of the paycheck cause you to think less of yourself or any job in particular. 



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