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Happy Father's Day! The Most Important Job of ALL TIME!

Jun 22, 2020

To all my Friends out there I hope you had a Wonderful Father and that you had a Terrific Father's Day!

Being a Terrific Dad is the Most Important job you will ever have!!

I was talking with my kids yesterday and Asked them if  "You wanna have a Catch?" and thankfully they said YES!!!

This is the Best Scene of All Time,  from my Favorite Movie, 

Field of Dreams!

I always tear up and Smile!   I hope you enjoy it too!

I always enjoyed having a Catch with my Dad and I try to get in a game of Catch with my kids whenever we have a chance! 

I even got to Catch with my Granddaughter yesterday! 

Wow! She is Really Cute and She is getting the hang of it at 2-1/2!!


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