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Success Story - Environmental Engineer - Lands 4 Calls, 2 Interviews & 2 Offers in 3 Weeks!

Apr 02, 2023

Congrats to my friend, Kagho Asongu, who landed 2 Job Offers in 3 weeks using the DIY Program!!

This is another fun Success Story about Kagho Asongu, EIT who jumped on a Coaching call with me.   During the Coaching Session, I was sharing a few of the common we use in the DIY program and then the "light went on"! 

He said, "Oh I got it now!"  So Fun to see someone who is STUCK in their Job search: Get it, Apply it, and Land 2 job Offers in 3 weeks!

The DIY Program worked for Kagho, it can work for YOU!


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