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What Happens "Behind the Scenes" when you apply for a job online?

Sep 05, 2023

Have you ever wondered why when you Apply for a Job online on a site like, LinkedIn, or or a Company website and NO ONE EVER call you back? 

In this Post, we will show you the "Behind the Scenes" of what happens when you apply for a job on  AND why it is so hard to get Noticed! 

The Bottom line: It is Really Hard to Get your Resume and Application SEEN by the Hiring Manager: The Person who has the Power to say YES!  “Yes! I like this candidate. He may not be perfect for the role, but we can figure it out!”  Actually ...

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Lesson from Hall of Fame Pitchers Tom Glavine & John Smoltz and thier Mindset about "Failures" as a Pitcher.

Jul 29, 2023

This Video is aboiut lesson from Hall of Fame Pitchers Tom Glavine & John Smoltz and thier Mindset about "Failures" as a Pitcher.

Their attitude is one of the most Healthy Way of looking at Failure that I have ever seen. This Mindset is very applicable in life and in your Job Search!

Hall of Fame Pitcher John Smoltz said recently that he had a goal of giving over 250 Hr in his career. He said that if he was able to give up 250 HR as a pitcher, then he was good enough to stay in the big leagues for about 20 years.  

John Smoltz gave up a total of 305 Home Runs in his 20 year...

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Success Story - Dam Engineer Lands a Job!

Jun 06, 2023

This is a Fun Story about my Friend, Caleb Shelton, and how he landed his first engineering job right out of college.

Due to Covid, he had no engineering experience when he graduated, so the Online Job Search method was Rough!   Actually, he submitted over 500 applications on for jobs...NOTHING!  

Then, Caleb enrolled in the DIY Program, and using our techniques, he landed 7 interviews in 6 weeks, and landed his First Job!  As a Dam Engineer with the State of Georgia Safe Dams Division! 

If the DIY program can work for Caleb, it can work for...

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5 Words from the Middle of the Storm!

Apr 19, 2023

Jesus Gives us Five Words from the Middle of the Storm!

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Success Story - Environmental Engineer - Lands 4 Calls, 2 Interviews & 2 Offers in 3 Weeks!

Apr 02, 2023

Congrats to my friend, Kagho Asongu, who landed 2 Job Offers in 3 weeks using the DIY Program!!

This is another fun Success Story about Kagho Asongu, EIT who jumped on a Coaching call with me.   During the Coaching Session, I was sharing a few of the common we use in the DIY program and then the "light went on"! 

He said, "Oh I got it now!"  So Fun to see someone who is STUCK in their Job search: Get it, Apply it, and Land 2 job Offers in 3 weeks!

The DIY Program worked for Kagho, it can work for YOU!

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Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Aug 08, 2021

Imposter Syndrome!

We all have been Stuck in our Job Search! 

Being Stuck is not an Issue, it happens to All of us. 

But, Staying STUCK, that's a problem!

We all struggle with Imposter Syndrome.

An estimated 70% of people experience these impostor feelings at some point in their lives, according  the International Journal of Behavioral Science.

That feeling in our head that says, "I am not good Enough," or I don't have what it takes to get hired."

If you are in this spot, listen to this Video as I discuss the issues of the Imposter syndrome and how you can TAKE ACTION ...

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Connecting with Groups on Linkedin

Jun 29, 2021

Developing your Professional network means that you are being Intentional in Starting a Relationship that may last the Rest of your Career!!

Who do you connect with:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Professors
  • Old bosses : Ask them for a Referral if you know they would give you a strong recommendation.
  • College friends – particularly those that are in the same major
  • Folks that “look like you”  (People tend to connect with folks with similar backgrounds)
  • Attended the Same University
  • Live in the area that you are looking to work
  • That are in your Profession
  • People that work at the...
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What to do When you Lose your Job!

Jun 17, 2021

This week I interview a good friend of mine, David Priddy, about What to do When, NOT IF, you lose your job!

David  highlights some of the decisions and PLAN of how he relied on his Network of Industry Contacts to help him find a job when he was unexpectedly cut loose from an engineering firm that he had worked for for 19 years!


Almost every engineer who has been in the market for more than 20 years has lost a job or been "cut loose" or RIF'd at one time or another.

It is called Consulting Engineering!  It happens to almost everyone!

Heck, I have been cut, fired, hired...

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AMAZING Success Story! Materials Scientist Lands Job that Did not Exist!

May 03, 2021

This is an amazing Story of Farhoud (Dan) Kabirian and how he was laid off during the Covid Crisis! 

After 400 Online job Applications, with ZERO results, Dan was painfully aware that he needed to make a change in his Approach.

After taking the DIY Boot Camp Dan revamped his Linkedin Profile, developed a Target list of Companies and Hiring Managers that he wanted to interview with.

Dan landed 2 job offers, and one company didn't even have a job opening, but after talking with Dan, THEY CREATED A JOB FOR HIM!!

Listen to the Smiles and Laughs Dan has as he tells his Amazing Success...

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Desperate Times Requires Desperate Measures

Apr 20, 2021

As a Recruiter, When I talk with folks who are looking for a new job, I often ask them, "on a Scale of 1-10 how desperate are you to find a job in order to pay bills?"

10= I need a job in the next week because I need to pay rent in two weeks.

5= I have a few months savings to pay bills, so I have time to look for the "right Job" before I will start getting nervous.

1= I've got plenty of money,  don't need to work , I just want to work for fun.

If you are at a 10, and need work this week.  Here are my top 5 Suggestions to find work fast!


1- Take a minimum wage job in order...

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